Tax Advice For Families and Small Businesses in the Bay Area Looking for Someone to Trust


I’m Jim Eggers a Tax Accountant and a former IRS Auditor. I’m going to introduce myself to you by being direct and blunt regarding the preparation of your income tax returns.

I used to work for the IRS in the San Francisco office as a Revenue Agent.  I audited hundreds of returns in the Small Business and Self-Employed Division.  I saw returns that were prepared missing legal deductions and credits; returns that didn’t reflect strategic tax planning to minimize taxes today and going forward; and returns that were not taking advantage of all that California law provides. I also saw returns prepared competently and with skill.

You see, there are four basic groups of tax preparation services in the Bay Area:

  •  The first group consists of small shops and national chains that frequently miss tax attributes (that’s what we call deductions and credits to minimize taxes) for their clients, let’s call them tax shops.
  • Then there is another group that rarely misses tax attributes and employ many tax professionals, CPAs, and partners. They charge triple and quadruple the fees of the tax shops. One business owner told me that on two different occasions after he had called to ask a question he received a bill for $800 for the advice. Let’s call this group Accounting Firms.
  • Tax lawyers are the most expensive of the tax preparation profession and are primarily used by medium and large companies.

We offer you a better alternative! Our firm provides tax preparation services with the tax law knowledge and relevance to preparation of accounting and law firms but for greater value.

 And, should you ever be audited few are more qualified to represent you than our firm.  We understand that the taxing agencies are not in the business of doing you any favors; so, have a preparer that knows where the land minds are that trigger audits and the penalties and interest that come with them.  Contact Us Now!  Email me at for a free and honest conversation about how we can serve your interests.

I’ve put more of my thoughts on these matters in a Free Report for Individuals: “The Top Five Money-Saving IRS ‘Secrets’ for Tough Economic Times”.” In the box above, enter your information and we’ll immediately rush you this report.

Feel free to poke around our site and discover why I’ve been called “The Most Trusted Tax Professional in the Bay Area.”

Talk again soon,

James Eggers, Tax Accountant



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